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BMW 3-Series

It's like trying to find flaws with an entry level "star" athlete. Considered one of the top 10 choices by some, the 2000 BMW 3-Series certainly isn't an automobile to be overlooked. For those interested in a 4 passenger 2 door coupe with a history of greatness, the BMW 3-Series is a noteworthy selection. With a price just under $29,000 for the 323 C; and approximately $34,000 for the 328 Ci, either of these coupes will give you a "bang for your buck". And 0-60 times of approximately 7 seconds for the 323 Ci and 6.5 for the 328 Ci, that "bang'' or should I say "snap", may be better than you would expect.

Besides the asthetic beauty of these vehicles, the real love affair will begin once you start to drive it. Superb handling, accelaration and overall precise responsiveness will make falling in love to this car a joyful experience. It's overall competance is enough to please even the most selective car-buffs. Thanks to the aluminum block, variable 24 valve-timing systems, both the 2.5 and 2.8-liter engines offer impressive and easily accessible power at different rpm ranges. If you are willing to sacrifice some speed, for a more care free clutch-less driving experience, the 5-speed automatic transmission which may be shifted manually, may be appealing.

Both models are very well equipped with some advanced features expected to be found in more pricier models. One of these features is the Automatic Recirculation Control System which detects unusually elevated pollution levels and instantaneously switches climate control from recirculating to fresth air, as needed. Other features include such items like dual-zone automatic climate control, front and side air bags, as well as, a head injury protection system deployed from the ceiling. Rear passengers are not overlooked, with optional side-impact door airbags, as well.

As indicated, BMW leaves no stone unturned, offering a complete and satisfying package of automotive pleasure.