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Jaguar S-Type

Surely everyone has seen those Jaguar commercials, where feelings of elegance, envy and desire to own are conjured up. Well, if you think that a 30 second image on television can aspire emotions, wait until your experience becomes up-close and personal. The trip to the dealer alone was filled with anticipation.

How did they manage to do it at such a relatively affordable price? That is the first question one would ask. Some have even questioned as to whether or not it can live up to Jaguar's tradition as a legendary vehicle. Ford Motor Company, along with the British car makers, have managed to offer a highly tasteful vehicle which incorporates luxury, technology safety, and styling that will make the Jaguar S-Type attainable to many. Just think that probably for the first time in Jaguar's history,more people will seriously consider owning a part of the dream. The S-Type V-6 3.0 liter starts at approximately $42,000 and close the $49,000 for the V8 model. Not a bad plan for the automakers that want to place the Jaguar S-Type at a marketable range with it's competitors.

The interior is certainly elegant and roomy, when compared to its rivals along with a highly technological twist. If you haven't heard, the Jaguar is offered with a Deluxe Communication Package. This James Bond - like advancement includes voice activated controls for the telephone, audio system, climate controls and navigation system - all for just over $4,000, a small price to pay if you have the need to give undisputed commands, even if it's to a computer.

Want more? how about an optional Sport Package with a computer controlled suspension, a Weather Package with "smart" wipers, heated seats and D.S.C. System to prevent skids. An option to those familiar with the Ford Windstar minivan, is a $6,000 Reverse Park Control System which increases the rate of beeping as you get closer to an object.

Overall, ride and handling is superb, especially with the Computer Active Technology Suspension. The 5-speed automatic transmission is relatively smooth, and if you care, fuel economy relatively adequate.

Given the styling, pricing and Jaguar tradition, I would imagine one's only concern is what color combination to choose from.

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